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Weather Engineering/Modification/Control

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If you are interested in weather engineering/control please see the following hyperlinks:
Click the following hyperlink for Dr. Bernard Eastlund weather control patent

click here to download Dr. Bernard Eastlund's weather control patent

Bernard J. Eastlund
Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund weather control patent 4,686,605
Weather Modification Experiments using High Power Electromagnetic Radiation
Weather Modification Reference
This is the United States Patent Office patent file of the apparatus for altering the weather:
It appears we can not directly hyperlink to the patent page for altering the weather. Therefore, once you arrive at the above hyperlink type in the patent number 4,686,605 . You are going to the United States Patent Office online  searching the patent numbers using the above patent number.
The following pictures are of a device that we built and experimented with. It appears that thunderheads do appear within one day after using the device where a drought condition existed for approximately four weeks previously. We operated the device for approximately thirty to forty minutes over a three day period each day. It does appear to consolidate/concentrate clouds as you can see. 
To update you today is September 15, 2005. We have noticed that it now takes us up to three to four days before rain develops now after repeated attempts at using our weather control device. It is much harder to try to get it to rain but it finely does. We would like to upgrade our device to a larger weather control unit.











The following are weather graphics of the hurricaine Katrina for our local area. We attempted to use our weather modification device to limit the amount of rainfall. It appears we did have an affect on limiting the high winds in the area however we did have approximately five and a half inches of rain. The hurricaine eye remnant passed right our county.



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