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Informed Consent - Nuclear Biological Chemical Remediation/Neutralization

Federal Reserve IRS are Corporations

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Click here to download Internal Revenue Service is incorporated in Delaware

Click here to download Federal Reserve Association is incorporated in Delaware

OR you can go to the following Delaware Secretary of State hyperlink and:
Type in "Federal Reserve" into the page's search engine and see what loads on your page. Then type in "Internal Revenue" into the pages's search engine and see what you get.
Also please see the following hyperlink for validation of above. Please allow file to load slowly. Its another pdf file: 
then see:
To review that "money" has been "created" out of nothing see:
In addition we would like to provide you with a unverified piece of information for your review. Please see what is known as "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" at

Click here to download meaning "Wizard of Oz" movie

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