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Informed Consent - Nuclear Biological Chemical Remediation/Neutralization

Antigravity Propulsion

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Click the following picture to view online movie of working UFO Antigravity device:



Click here to play second antigravity video

Click the following picture to view online movie of UFO Antigravity vehicle flying around World Trade Center:



also see slow motion of same UFO Antigravity vehicle:
The woman in the preceding WTC-UFO video is allegedly the actress Barbara Sicuranza.



UFO Antigravity Hyperlinks:
J.L. Naudin Main Lifter Webpage
J.L. Naudin MarkIII Lifter Webpage
(please be patient as page loads, pictures are rather large)
(you will need a "real player" video file player to view this file)
Electric Spacecraft Journal
Thomas Townsend Brown Website
Biefeld-Brown Effect
George Adamski UFO Antigravity Device
Electric Principle of Lift by T Townsend Brown
Thomas Townsend Brown
Explanation of The Application of the Biefeld-Brown Effect
Plasma Engine

If you are not aware there is a $50 million dollar prize competition known as Robert Bigelow's "America's Space Prize". See the following hyperlinks:
We believe we have sufficient knowledge, or the ability to obtain the necessary personnel, to build such a transportation device. If you would like to join or assist us financially in obtaining this prize contact our Homepage email address at:

View our letter to Elon Musk of Space X concerning building a Antigravity vehicle for mankind:

click here to view our letter to Elon Musk

View our letter to Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace concerning building a Antigravity vehicle for mankind:

click here to view our letter to Robert Bigelow

We have previously tried to contact J. L. Naudin and Tim Ventura on numerous occasions, from the above websites, to show them how to control their antigravity devices much more readily with rheostats and potentiometers (see pictures below). However, you may have more luck than we have. Good Luck!!



Thomas Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Antigravitics




Alexander De Seversky Antigravitic Patent






The above schematics are from Alexander De Seversky patent #3,130,945 of his Ion Craft from 1959. Please note how similar it is to what is known as "Lifters"of today. You may wish to read also  . Please email this information to Mr. Tim Ventura or Mr. Jean Naudin so they will eventually learn how to make custom steering devices for their antigrav lifters. Mr.Ventura's email address is and Mr Naudin's email is
We would like to invite to look at the rest of our web pages. You may find them quite informative. Please use the hyperlinks at the top of this page for your convenience.

You can email us at:  

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