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Time Traveler - Alleged

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The following are references to alleged purported time travelers.
John Titor post on
John Titor's Time Machine


click here to play time traveler video

We found the above video on the internet back in 2003. Please allow the video to download fully. It appears that you may have to download the video a few times to see the entire video. The gentleman should appear to vanish into hyperspace. The main problem we are having with the time traveler video is that if the event horizon is correct then the photoluminesince of the event should alter the shadows on the rear wall. The warping of the light time cone 
( appears logical however we do not detect any light cone tessalations( Therefore, if you are a physicist or prehaps even a time traveler we would like your comments on this phenomenon. Please go to our home page a send us a email.
The following is an alleged letter from John Titor's mother.  We have located the alleged "attorney" who apparently represents John's family.  It is believed that this is the relevant contact:
Law Offices of
Lawrence H. Haber, PA

Larry Haber
PO Box 470171
Celebration, FL 34747-0171
407-566-0181 Fax 407-566-0182
It is important to get our information  (see: to John Titor. However, since this is an attorney and we know about for instance  we believe our efforts will be in vain. Therefore, we ask you the public to help contact John Titor or his mother and convey this information to them which he does not evidently posses for the future.


click here to download "nature of time" file

click here to download information on "foliation of space-time" file

click here to download "Superconductors as antennas" file

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